Saffron outfits accuse cops of torture


The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and the Bajrang Dal have alleged that four persons were detained and tortured by police for showing black flags during chief minister Narendra Modi’s public rally in Katargam two days ago.

In a hurriedly called press conference, they alleged that the police forced them to confess that they belonged to VHP and were out to demonstrate against Modi.

“Four people came searching for our office and complained that they were brutally beaten up by the police. They also alleged that the police asked them to give in writing that they were affiliated to VHP and were following Pravin Togadia’s instructions,” Bajrang Dal city unit president Kamlesh Kyara told .

The four people who went to the VHP office were Sanjay Radadia, Manoj Chovatiya, Vallabh Fauji and Bharat Savani. “These people don’t belong to VHP or the Bajrang Dal,” said Kyara.

Additional commissioner of police B S Jebalia, however, rubbished the charges. “The allegations are baseless. It was BJP’s programme and these people were from Gujarat Parivartan Party (GPP) who were trying to interrupt the event. We never forced these people to give any sort of confession,” he said.


Ashok Singhal issues a statement on Narendra Modi and people of Gujarat


Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s veteran leader Shri Ashok Singhal today issued a press statement blessing Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and congratulating the people of Gujarat. Shri Singhal in his statement slammed Congress and cautioned Vishwa Hindu Parishad workers in Gujarat against “dividing tactics of so called seculars” who should not regain power.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s Samrakshak Shri Ashok Singhal in a statement during his visit to Gujarat on the occasion of Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha said that under the rule of Chief Minister Narendra Modi, Gujarat not only experienced development, but the society too became more powerful.

“I remember that in the past in Gujarat, during the Congress rule, how Jagannath Rathyatra was attacked, and how the secular government used to imposed curfew and also used to order to stop the yatra to insult the Hindus. Not only this but the Hindus had to face troubles while celebrating Janmashtami too. However during Shri Modiji’s rule, Hindu festivals and Rath yatras are celebrated in peaceful atmosphere in last ten years, and there is an atmosphere of peace in all corners.”

“A cow is the centre of faith for Hindus. On Gujarat government’s appeal, a seven-member batch of Supreme Court approved the ban on bovine slaughter legal, and refused to consider bovine slaughter as fundamental right of butchers. On the contrary the Congress party has made this nation the largest exporter of beef in the world, by encouraging the activities of cow slaughter.”

“The Congress supported government had filed affidavit in the Supreme Court to make a point that there was no historic evidence available on Shri Ram’s existence. They did so to demolish Ram Setu. Today, the biggest obstruction in construction of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi mandir is Conrgess and other so called secular powers that are challenged by people of Gujarat- the people who handed over power to Narendra Modi.”

“I have total faith that the people of Gujarat will continued to trust(Modi). Today, entire Hindu community is looking at people of Gujarat. There is no doubt that Gujarat will continue to maintain the atmosphere existing today. I congratulate the people of Gujarat.”

“Vishwa Hindu Parishad is determined to see that so called secular powers don’t come to power again.”

“I have full faith that the Vishwa Hindu Parishad workers in Gujarat will continue to work, maintaining caution against those who want to divide Hindus. Many in the world are impressed with Gujarat’s administration and the people of Gujarat.”

Gujarat govt seeks death penalty for Hindu convicts of Ode riot, VHP protests


The Gujarat government recently approached the high court to enhance the punishment of 27 Hindu convicts of Ode riot case from life imprisonment to death penalty.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), the sister organization of the ruling BJP has opposed such move.

VHP general secretary Ranchhod Bharwad has demanded that the Modi government should withdraw the “barbaric” appeal immediately with a special review petition.

“Hindus were victims, as 58 of them were burnt alive in the train at Godhra. The master conspirator of that massacre has not been punished. Rather than understanding the pain and agony of the families of convicts, it seems that the Gujarat government is bent upon punishing Hindus in the strictest way. This is not the only case where the Gujarat government is seen influencing the judiciary to victimise Hindus,” Bharwad said.

“This recent appeal by Gujarat government specially demanding death penalty for Hindu convicts of the Ode Case who have already got life imprisonment, is another such perverted anti-Hindu move. VHP will help all Hindus fight cases where they are victimised,” he added.

Indian Democracy’s Systems Meant to Punish ONLY Hindus? – Asks Dr Pravin Togadia


Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Shri Pravin Togadia on Saturday protested against special court’s Naroda Patiya verdict.

Shri Toagadia said that in 2002 riot cases 131 have been given life term. We are with them.

He said Gujarat is sad.

Shri Togadia questioned why only Hindus are punished and why not those who killed many Hindus in Kashmir valley?

Togadia opposed the way the punishment has given in Naroda Patiya case. A person will spend 10 years in prison for one charge, and more than that for another charge. Togadia termed it as American style of punishment.

Toagadia said the ‘Bangladeshis’ and ‘Pakistanis’ will be boycotted.

Yesterday while speaking to media persons in Surat, Shri Togadia had announced total support to Dr. Mayaben Kodnani who has been jailed for 28 years after recent verdict of the court. Togadia said Mayaben is a daughter of 100 crore Hindus and we are with her.

‘How many Jehadi terrorists who killed thousands of police & Army people in Kashmir & other parts of Bharat have been given such hyperbolic jail terms as given in the Naroda Patia case?’ Asked VHP International Working President Dr Pravin Togadia.

VHP organized a SIT DOWN SILENT PROTEST in Karnavati (Ahmedabad)’s busy square to express the solidarity with all Hindus who have been convicted in various cases related to the people’s spontaneous reaction aftermath Godhra train burning in which 58 Hindus were burnt alive whose families are still insocio-economic trauma.

Dr Togadia further said, ‘Since 1947 Hindus are being persecuted. Millions of Hindus were killed & millions displaced during partition but nobody has been given the American style hyperbolic jail terms for it. In 1990, millions of Kashmiri Pundits were victims of brutal Ethnic Cleansing by Kashmir’s Jehadis. Thousand were killed, millions lost their lives & homes. Kashmiri separatists wrote on Hindu women’s chests – ‘Hindus, leave your women for us & leave Kashmir.’ Those who did so, are still enjoying Governmental hospitality in various talks whereas they should have been punished. Why have they not been given such spiraling jail terms yet? From Marad in Keral to Assam & many other places, Hindus are being attacked & killed. No attacker got any such American styled punishment.”

He said, “While totally respecting the judiciary & the Hon Court, Hindus are still pained, agonized & terrified with such a blatant discrimination against them based on the religion. In the same Godhra & aftermath matters, Godhra Train burning main conspirator or others have not been given such separate jail terms for each section of IPC. This is an American style to slap such jail terms totaling sometimes over 30 to 200 years. Only Hindus have been given such harsh slap in cases related to Godhra & aftermath. This has been the situation of Hindus all over Bharat.”

Dr Togadia demanded that all cases aftermath Godhra Train burning should also be supervised by a 15 member committee of Hindus ranging from the fields of Judiciary, Religion (Shankaracharya, Saints & representatives of Hindu Organizations), teachers, ex police & army officers who have faced Jehadi attacks, Hindu Human Rights representatives & the likes. Hindu organizations will decide such a committee. Unless this happens, there is no hope for Hindus getting justice in the cases created by various political & socio-economic vested interests under undue pressure by media, biased NGOs & political parties.

Dr Togadia appealed all Hindus to democratically doGhanta Naad in their own towns in any temple in protest of such injustice on Hindus. He also appealed Hindus not to buy fruits, flowers, Chunris & other things meant for Pooja as well as daily or special needs from Jehadis / Cow Eaters & Jehad Preachers. He also appealed all businesses & industries to inspect all employees for their Jehadi links, known – unknown records & avoid appointing such people in any parts of Bharat. Dr Togadia assured all legal help to the Hindus fighting any such cases. He also assured help to families of the convicts in such cases as these families have no bread earners and many are poor. Dr Togadia said, ‘We will not let Hindus suffer ONLY because he isa Hindu & because all political parties have been persecuting Hindus to appease Cow Butchers & cow eater minority as well as Jehadi terrorists / their localsupporters.