Shaktisinh shares a list of unkept promises of BJP govts since 1990


Leader of opposition Gujarat Shri Shaktisinh Gohil today said BJP has failed to fulfill some promises made in the election manifestos of year 1990, 1995, 1998 and 2002. Some of the examples are:

1. All Gujaratis will have own home. Slums will be converted to pucca house.

2. Irrigation water rates will be lowered down. Special provisions will be made for farmers.

3. All Agri power connection applications will be cleared. Even today there are 12 lakh power connection applications pending.

4. 8-A and 7/12 certificates will be issues within 24 hours.

5. Roads in each village will have asphalt layer.

6. Not a single family in rural Gujarat will be left without house.

7. In 2002 the party had announced to complete the Narmada dam and canal work timely.

8. In 2007 BJP had announced that Narmada canal and dam works will be completed by 2010.

9. 10 lakh acre ft Narmada surplus water will be supplied to agricultural land in Saurashtra and Kutch.

10. Diamond clusters to be set up in Saurashtra. Major diamond processing park to be set up in Saurashtra.

11. SC, ST students will be given benefits.

12. GIFT city will be developed at par with New York and Frankfurt.

13. Pucca road connectivity to villages with more than 1000 population.

14. A welfare fund for women journalists was announced in 2007.

15. Hike in pension of widows.

16. Sanad to tribals.

17. 2 Rs and 3 Rs kilo rice to all Gujaratis.

18. Special package for senior citizens.

19. A separate department to take care of the families of martyres.

20. Border villages of Kutch will be supplied Narmada water.

21. Each village will be facilitated with one irrigation and one drinking water body.

22. Dams in North Gujarat, Kutch and Saurashtra will be filled with Naramda water.

23. One medical university will be set up. It will be connected with each medical college.

24. Health insurance to be provided for rickshaw and truck drivers.

25. In 1990 manifesto the party had decided to give Rs 450 unemployment allowance.

26. Professional tax will be abolished.

27. Free of cost journey in buses for interviews.


Opinion polls, surveys false: Shaktisinh Gohil


Leader of Opposition in the State Assembly, Shaktisinh Gohil today launched a piercing attack on Gujarat Chief Minister for using all kinds of means to influence December elections. Referring to much publicized opinion polls predicting two-third majority to Modi, he said that it’s all a managed affair.In reality, Gohil said, there is a growing opposition to the Chief Minister because he has not done anything for the public in the last 12 years. His concern has remained promoting his businessmen friends and he has just made false promises to the people. In such a situation, Gujarat CM is pumping money into surveys to try and influence poll outcome by projecting a positive wave. He is going the way former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu who spent money to create a publicity bubble that he is Vikash Purush. He had managed even “The Best Chief Minister Tag” for himself. Naidu had even managed to project himself as CEO in politics, someone who will stay in politics for ever and become Prime Minister in India. Naidu did all this because he had realized his poll debacle. He had also tried to create an impression of complete route of Congress in Andhra Pradesh. He had even managed the exit polls, but the poll outcome showed that people do not support leaders who are creations of PR and publicity.

Shaktisinh further said: In 2004 Lok Sabha elections, Chief Minister had projected that he would not allow even a single Congress representative to go to Lok Sabha from Gujarat. He managed this all through the poll campaign and gave maximum three seats to Congress, but the results were that Congress bagged 12 out of 26 seats. The same was the scene in 2009 when through PM in waiting, he projected only BJP picture in Gujarat. Opinion polls gave only three to five seats to Congress. However the results once again proved the CM and his surveys wrong as Congress won 11 seats.He said that people will not be misled by publicity stunts of the Chief Minister. People have understood importance of issues of raised by Congress in its Vikas Darshan. The CM has not fulfilled the expectations of the people in last 12 years and so voters of Gujarat will be with Congress and Congress will form the next government because of the love and support of the people.

Modi government most corrupt: Shaktisinh Gohil


Gujarat leader of opposition Shaktisinh Gohil has alleged that the Narendra Modi government is the most corrupt government in the history of the state.

In a statement, Gohil claimed that Modi runs the administration on double standards. He talks about transparency and propriety but does not find such qualities as desirable virtues in private practice. “In last 10 years under Narendra Modi’s rule, Gujarat has seen multi billion rupees scandals in the energy sector. Under the Modi rule, state PSU GSPC and energy and petrochemicals department have emerged as the epicenter of all mega scandals involving thousands of crores,” he claimed.

Earlier, in the name of exploration Rs 8000 crore public money has been drowned in the drain by this most corrupt regime in the history of Gujarat. This Chief Minister had publicly announced that 20 TCF gas reserves have been found in GSPC s KG basin block and within three years, that gas would be brought to Gujarat. Seven years have already gone and there is no indication of even one standard cubic feet gas from KG basin or from various blocks in Egypt and elsewhere.

“Not only the majority staScake was sold, this manifestly corrupt administration had even given away 70 % of the carbon credit toone companny, whose promoters are known for under table dealings with BJP leaders,” he claimed. To ensure such modern day white-collar plunderers do not loot that public treasury.

“I had to approach the Gujarat High Court challenging the veracity of the deal. Subsequently, the said deal was cancelled. If the CM has an iota of shame and sense of propriety and sincerity in him, he must provide a candid public explanation on the irregularities being committed at his instance to benefit one company, which has a dubious track record in getting government contracts,” gohil demanded.

‘Don’t get misled by bahuroopi Modi’


Congress leader Shaktisinh Gohil on Wednesday asked people not to be misled by chief minister Narendra Modi, whom he described as bahuroopi.

Gohil kicked off his election campaign in Rajpara village of Bhavnagar district, which falls under Bhavnagar (rural) constituency from where he will contest polls.

He charged that the state government has fleeced the common people by imposing heavy taxes and has given undue advantages to few industrialists to whom land was given at throwaway prices.

Referring to the ‘ghar nu ghar’ scheme offered by his party if voted to power, the Congress leader said, “It is our commitment to address the housing concerns of poor women.”

Calling Modi a liar, he questioned the viability of developing the Kalpasar scheme and Dholera port simultaneously. “The technical report says that only one can come into existence. He is misleading the people,” he said.

Senior Congress leader Shankersinh Vaghela in his address said, “Modi has retained power over the last 12 years by playing with the emotions of the electorate. He makes several promises on being re-elected. What was he doing all these years if the promises are still to be realized?”

Attacking the BJP’s ‘dhan daan sangrah’ scheme, Vaghela asked where the party plans to spend Rs 500 crores collected from the people. “Are they going to buy votes with this money?” he asked.

Referring to comments being made by Modi that the state exchequer will become empty if Congress comes to power, Vaghela said, “He has already made the state coffers empty.” Claiming that the Congress will be voted to power, he said the doors of the Sachivalaya would be open for the common man from December 21.

Most of the Congress MPs and MLAs from Gujarat along with senior leaders were present at the event.