Pramukh Swami’s birthday on the election result day


BAPS chief Shri Pramukh Swami’s birthday( as per the Gujarati Hindu calendar tithi) will be celebrated exactly on the Gujarat election results day, 20th December.

Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi may visit Shri Pramukh Swami on the election result day or just before that. In 2007 the Chief Minister had visited Shri Pramukh Swami, Shri Keshubhai Patel and mother Hiraba just before the oath taking ceremony on 25th of December.

Gujarat Parivartan Party (GPP) leader Keshubhai Patel will address a press conference at party headquarters in Ahmedabad. GPP said Shri Keshubhai will address the press irrespective of any outcome of the elections.

GPP candidates contested on 174 seats. As per the rules of the Election Commission, GPP will need to get minimum 6% votes and two elected candidates to retain its election symbol of cricket bat.

20th December(Gujarati calendar tithi Magsar Sud Aatham) will be Shri Pramukh Swami’s 92th birthday.

Born on 7-12-1921 in Vadodara district’s Padra taluka’s Chansad village, original name was Shantilal. He became saint at the age of 18. His Guru was Shastriji maharaj.

He was appointed Pramukh(chief) of Bochasanwasi Akshar Purushottam Sanastha(BAPS) in 1950.


Betting market turnover touches Rs 5,000 crore on Gujarat poll eve


Gujarat elections have activated the betting market that has touched a turnover of Rs 5,000 crore on Wednesday with bookies expecting the ruling BJP to garner more than 100 seats. The betting market was last active during the 2011 World Cup with the turnover crossing Rs 60,000 crore, highest so far.

In Gujarat, the undercover market does not expect main opposition party, Congress, to win more than 70 seats. At 6 pm on Wednesday, the eve of the first phase of the elections, the going rate for the BJP winning at least 100 seats was 14 paise.

Plainly speaking, it means anyone betting 100 paise on the BJP hitting the mark of 100 seats will get back 114 paise, a profit of 14 per cent. For bets on Congress winning more than 70 seats, will bookies are quoting Rs 5. It means the undercover market is willing to give a return of 500% for the braveheart betting on Congress crossing that mark in the 182-member House.

“Betting market believes that the possibility of Congress winning over 65-70 seats is almost impossible, and therefore, bookies are quoting 500-600 paise for Congress winning 70 seats. However, the picture looks a little better for Congress after national leaders Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi addressed a few public meetings in the state,” said a bookie operating in Ahmedabad.

In 2007, the odds were against Narendra Modi coming back to power on the eve of the elections. Bets on the BJP forming the government started at 15 paise in 2007 but as the elections neared, the rates shot up to 40 paise. The rates, in no way, indicated that Narendra Modi was not coming back to power. Modi won with the BJP getting 117 seats and the Congress restricted to 59.

Last time, the bookies netted Rs 4,000 crore, but this time, the turnover is expected to rise beyond Rs 5,000 crore once the date for the second phase, December 17, nears.

Besides Ahmedabad and a few pockets in Saurashtra and South Gujarat, betting is also active in places like Mumbai, Delhi and Lucknow.

The odds are also against the Congress leaders fighting polls in Saurashtra. Bookies expect a Congress whitewash in the region where Keshubhai Patel’s Gujarat Parivartan Party is likely to eat into its vote share.

Election day advertisements in Saurashtra’s newspapers


Have a look at Election day advertisements in Gujarati newspapers published from Rajkot.BJP 1 BJP 2 BJP 3 GPP 1 INC 1 INC 2 nAMO 1

Jamjodhpur’s Congress candidate has given an advertisement. Also Jamkhmbhalia’s BJP candidate Poonamben Madam has given an advertisement in local newspapers.

One advertisement in blue color is about ‘cheating’ with fishermen in name of ‘Sagarkhedu’ scheme. This advertisement has been given by some ‘Vikas Parishad.’

Then there’s one of the BJP advertisements which says, “Na jat par – na pat par – Mahor lagegi vikas par.”

Modi’s letter appealing voters to go for vote has been published in full length occupying almost one full page.

One of the Congress advertisement shows a rope for suicide and targets the farmers.

Another Congress advertisement describes shortcomings of present government and Congress’s promises.

BJP’s full lenth advertisement asks voters to think before voting. “Think before voting, who will become Chief Minister of Gujarat? Vote for sure for our Chief Minister. Gujarat can’t be handed over to a group without leader.”

Another Congress advertisement asks people to vote for Congress for freedom. It narrats some points targetting the state government.

Keshubhai Patel’s advertisement reads: “For water in Saurashtra, to teach lesson to BJP who said our elder person ‘Deshdrohi’, take the bat in your hand and bring change. We have Saurashtra’s good in our heart.”

Schedule of campaign meetings of stars, leaders on 13 December


Following is the schedule of Gujarat election campaign on 13 December:

Hema Malini

12.15 pm Sardar Chowk, Mahudha

1.30 pm Umreth, Anand

2.30 pm Khijalpur, Thasra

3.50 pm Godhra, Panchmahal

5.00 pm Kalol, Panchmahal

Paresh Rawal

2.00 pm Unava, Unjha

4.00 pm Paliyad, Kalol

5.30 pm Pethapur, Gandhinagar

6.30 pm Sabarmati, Ahmedabad

7.30 pm Chandlodia, Ahmedabad

8.30 pm Dr. Ambedkar chowk, Shahpur

Smriti Irani

12.00 noon Bajar chowk, Matar

1.15 pm women’s convention, Maninagar

3.00 pm women’s convention, Dariapur

5.00 pm Shukan bungalow, Nikol

8.00 pm Anmol Ville gound, Kadi

Purushottam Rupala

11.00 am Rapar

3.00 pm Dudhai, Anjar

6.00 pm Hardasnagar, Bapunagar

7.00 pm Viratnagar, Nikol

8.00 pm Hirawadi, Thakkarnagar

Vivek Oberoy

6.30 pm KK Nagar, Ghatlodia

7.30 pm Samrajya flat, Manag mandir

Manoj Joshi

10.00 am Vejalpur

On Congress front

Sachin Pilot

1.45 pm Ralaj, Anand

3.00 pm Jantral, Anand

K Rehman

6.00 pm Bapunagar Galib ground meeting

7.30 pm Jamalpur Kuresh chowk meeting

8.30 pm Dariapur Limdi chowk meeting

Rani Narah

4.00 pm Thakkarbapanagar meeting

Shankersinh Vaghela

11.30 am Sami Harij

12.30 pm Radhanpur

2.00 pm Patan

3.30 pm Tharad

4.30 pm Kheralu

7.00 pm Visnagar

8.30 pm Mehsana

Irshad Mirza

Danta, Vadgam, Palanpur

Sagar Rayka

Dhanera, Bhachau, Nakhatrana