Narhari Amin’s launching tomorrow


Gujarat BJP has decided to launch Narhari Amin in Leuva Patel belt of Saurashtra.

After joining the BJP, Narhari Amin, a Leuva Patel has been assigned the first set of campaign rallies in Saurashtra region seats where Leuva Patel votes are decisive.

Amin will address a press conference in Rajkot at 11.00 am. He will then move to Gondal and address a public meeting there at 3.00 pm. Gondal is Leuva Patel dominated seat where Keshubhai Patel’s lieutenant Gordhan Zadafia is contesting against BJP candidate Jayrajsinh.

Amin will then address a rally at Virpur at 4.30 pm.

He will address another rally at Junagadh at 6.00 pm. Amin is not new to Junagadh. He has visited the city more than once in past to solve the crisis in local Congress unit. Junagadh is only Municipal Corporation controlled by Congress party. Amin has excellent contacts in local Congress unit. His Junagadh visit will be therefore, more than a routine simple campaign visit.

Amin will address the last campaign rally of the day at 9.00 pm in Keshod.


Lets place Gujarat’s son in Delhi durbar, says Narhari Amin


Gujarat Congress leader and former Deputy Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narhari Amin today joined BJP with his hundreds of supporter today morning at a gathering held outside the Gujarat BJP headquarter in Ahmedabad in presence of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Following are the main points of Narhari Amin’s speech.

-Narendra Modi is going to take hetrick wicket on 20th December.

-For last year as Congress worker, I worked to strengthen the Congress organization, but Congress higher ups have worked are now responsible for break up in the organization.

-Modi is working for Gujarat’s development day and night and is giving his best so that Gujarat can shine in the world.

-In 1990, Chimanbhai Patel’s Janata Party and BJP alliance won assembly election in Gujarat and people of this state gave away only 32 seats to Congress. I request to give less than 32 seats to Gujarat this time.

-It’s my promise today that we will mix in the BJP like sugar in milk.

-Make 2014 a target to place the son of Gujarat on Delhi throne.

-Those joining BJP with me today Shri Brijrajsinh Jadeja, Chandubhai Faldu, Dashrathbhai, Ashish Amin etc will start working for BJP and tour districts from today itself.

Congress’s trouble: Narhari hai ki manta nahi!


While AICC delegate and one of the top ten leaders of Gujarat Congress Narhari Amin is still undecided on joining BJP, his Congress party is trying its best not to allow Amin to leave the party.

Yesterday, late in the evening, Gujarat Congress President Arjun Modhwadia visited sulking Amin and requested him to continue with Congress. Speaking with media outside Amin’s house in western Amdavad, Modhwadia said, “Amin is very active and enthusiastice Congress leader who also when needed works as out crisis managed. We wish he would continue to stay with Congress.”

Soon after Arjun Modhwadia and Ashok Tanwar left, Amin told media persons that he clearly told Modhwadia that not only he himself but his many supporters were unhappy with party’s decision of denying ticket to him. Amin further added that he told Modhwadia he would not be able to work for the party in such circumstances.

It is believed that Gujarat Congress’s most powerful leader Ahmed Patel also talked to Amin over a phone call, but Amin stayed non-promising on his continuation with Congress.

The next was Rajiv Shukla, who visited Amin to hold one-to-one talk with him. Shukla met Amin on Saturday afternoon.

It should be noted here that Narhari Amin has called a meeting of Congress workers and supporters unhappy with party’s decisions on ticket distribution. The meeting will be held on Sunday. It is yet to see what comes out of this meeting. If majority of unhappy workers, leaders and Amin supporters favor joining BJP, the decision could be very much on that line.

On sulking Narhari Amin


Former Deputy Chief Minister and one of the top Gujarat Congress leaders Narhari Amin is unhappy with the party and has expressed his anger openly before media yesterday evening. Narhari is unhappy because Rahul Gandhi has reportedly used his Veto against ticket to those who lost the election more than once in past.

Narhari Amin is victim of BJP’s dominance in urban Gujarat.

Originally a student leader, and later Municipal Councillor, Narhari Amin built his state-level career from Amdavad’s Sabarmati assembly seat. When Amin’s Guru Chimanbhai Patel’s Janata Dal and BJP had seat sharing adjustment in place in 1990 assembly polls, Amin easily won the poll from Sabarmati. But later on Chimanbhai’s Janata Dal Gujarat merged with Congress. Having an image of corrupt and pro-gangesters deputy chief minister, Amin couldn’t win Sabarmati seat again on Congress ticket.

When Gujarat BJP was in its worst stage under Keshubhai Patel and Sanjay Joshi, BJP lost many polls including majority of district and taluka panchayat polls, Sabarkantha Lok Sabha seat and also Sabarmati seat by-poll. Amin could re-enter the assembly by winning Sabarmati by-poll.

But after Modi’s arrival, BJP regained its strength in urban Gujarat and Amin again tasted defeat on Sabarmati seat. Lastly Amin changed his seat and fought from rural Matar seat. But here also he couldn’t win. Amin kept himself busy with Gujarat Cricket Association, but Amit Shah and team snatched away this pleasure and defeated him in GCA election. Only place left for Amin was party office and Gujarat University.

Now this time, in 2012 assembly polls, Amin was all set to fight form a seat in Gandhinagar. He had started exploring villages of Gandhinagar for low profile start of campaign. Anticipating Amin’s candidature, Gandhinagar’s Mayor and Congress leader Rana first wrote a letter to state Congress leader and later resigned and joined the BJP with a few more councillors. Thus Congress lost majority in Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation. Later on there was a rally of local Congress workers in Gandhinagar demanding that no outsider would be permitted to contest from Gandhinagar on Congress ticket. Last evening when Amin was finally denied party ticket, dozens of his supporters visited his bungalow. At least three candidates of Congress said they would not contest the poll in Amin’s support. Amin in TV interviews said he would not contest the election. He said he would take proper decision on his political future after consulting his supporters.

Amin belongs to late Chimanbhai Patel’s Janata Dal fraction of Gujarat Congress. Former Gujarat Congress President Siddharth Patel, Urmilaben Patel, Naran Rathwa, Dinsha Patel etc belong to this fraction.

Amin is considered good person in one-to-one talk. He is media friendly and influenced by BAPS Swaminarayan. He has leadership skills, but he is not good orator. His bad image of Chimanbhai Patel era is somewhat forgotten now. He has extra feelings for Patels. Till the time, urban Gujarat continue to follow BJP, he has little or no chance to win Sabarmati again. The problem is that he is a leader without constituency, and Gujarat has no provision of Vidhan Parishad. (Amin is not the only non-BJP politician whose career has suffered due to strong urban dominance of rival BJP. There are many other Congress leaders who literally vanished from horizon because they were Congress men from cities. Yes Muslims, a few Dalits, and rare like Shaktisinh Gohil managed to win Urban seats.)